An eventful, but happy week. (Part 2)

Time to continue the storytelling of the crazy week. Where did I leave off in Part 1….oh yes, me finding myself unable to speak properly from the surprise. I don’t think I had ever felt such combination of sudden shock and happiness before. It felt like I was dreaming, but I clearly wasn’t at the same time.

Eventually, I was able to think and talk normally again, but I was still pretty dazed about the whole Pipa being in Seattle, at my apartment. There was two reasons why we ended up not doing too much for the first day that Pipa came to visit me: one, she had just sat on a plane for two hours after sitting on a 3-4 hour car ride, and two, stupid Bala Continue reading “An eventful, but happy week. (Part 2)”


An eventful, but happy week.

Man, it has been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Quite a few things happened in the past two weeks, and I guess now it’s time to share what happened.

On October 22, I was simply enjoying my weekend since there was nothing much for me to do that weekend other than three simple homework assignments. I was planning on spacing out my assignments throughout the weekend, finish an assignment every few hours. During all this, I was messaging Pipa the whole time; she had gone to a conference in central California, so I was keeping her company during her ride back home. After she arrived back in the Bay Area, she was planning on attending an outing with some others in the Taiwanese-American organization that we’re in together. Little did I know at the time, she wasn’t planning on going to the outing at all. She wasn’t even planning on going back home in the Bay Area for the next few days. Continue reading “An eventful, but happy week.”

Pipa and I both enjoy listening to music, and I think we are really lucky to actually have really similar tastes in music. It has always been a huge plus for me to be able to listen and enjoy the same music with my SO. Music has been important to me since I was young; I grew up playing instruments like violin and piano, and as much as I complained about practicing and stuff, I still appreciated and loved music, both playing and listening.

As I grew older, I realized that music had become something I thoroughly enjoy, and the importance of it really started to dawn on me. I remember being addicted to Continue reading “♪”

A firm handshake and a friendly smile

Today, I went to a Science and Engineering Career Fair hosted at UW. This Science and Engineering one is held annually, but honestly I haven’t been doing my part on taking advantage of the career fairs at my school. This year, however, I have been working myself to go out and research more on the opportunities that are out there for me. Being a fourth year in college, I plan on graduating this upcoming year, and it would be extremely nice to get a job lined up for myself after I finish school.

This was the second or third time I went to any career fair since coming to college. I really didn’t prepare to go, but after briefly mentioning it to Pipa during the day, Continue reading “A firm handshake and a friendly smile”

The gamer side of Bala

My past three years in Seattle have not been the happiest or the healthiest to say the least. In a previous blog post, I mentioned not sleeping well and having a bad sleep schedule which both led to me having motivation and energy issues. Multiple other factors affected the way I lived my life as a college student, and one of those other things that affected me significantly during the past three years was Continue reading “The gamer side of Bala”

A day Bala will never forget.

On August 20, almost two months ago, Pipa took Bala out for a wonderful date night. The night was planned entirely by Pipa, and she made sure to not tell me any bit of it. Not only was I completely surprised by the plans, but it has been one of my most memorable times of all my adventures with Pipa so far. Let me share this memory with you.

Before “date night” actually started, Pipa and I spend our late morning and afternoon spending time together around South Bay (which is just the southern side of the Bay Area). First, we drove to the Facebook Continue reading “A day Bala will never forget.”

No. Please no.

So the Google search result for “Seattle weather” ruined my day. Actually, it basically ruined the next two weeks for me. Let me show you what it showed today.

Seattle Weather

Like what is that? Where did the sun go? Does the sun not exist in Seattle? Going to class today was no fun of course. Ten minutes out of my nice, cozy room and everything below my shins are wet. Shoes, socks, feet, everything. Even though Continue reading “No. Please no.”