Pipa Appreciation

I love Pipa.

– Bala


Montana, “The Last Best Place”

Hi friends,

Bala here. Long time no talk! It’s been a long few months of finishing up my last two undergraduate quarters.

I am currently (stuck) in Montana doing field work with my major department. Honestly, field work isn’t too bad, but it really isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve only been here for about a week (of the three where I’m in Montana), but I’m already super exhausted. My daily schedule consists of waking up at 7am for breakfast, field work from 8am to 4pm, dinner at 5:30pm, and night lecture at 8pm. Field work is the most exhausting part of my schedule. I’ve been literally scaling cliffs and trekking valleys in the middle of nowhere while mapping out the land that I cover. I don’t mind being outdoors, but seriously there isn’t anything out there, just dirt, rocks, and cacti in all directions. At least I’m getting a nice dark farmer’s tan while working on my cardio.

I have two more weeks of this before I’m going back to Seattle. I’ll be doing two weeks of GIS work there before moving back to California for good! I’ll try to update more in the new future (since there’s really nothing fun to do around here).

Catch ya all later!
– Bala


Life is always in flux. It never stops moving; it doesn’t take breaks. Even when you feel like taking a break or a breather, it can often feel like life continues to push you forward whether you like it or not. I think it’s important to be patient with yourself even if life is making you stumble as you struggle. Everyone is human, and everyone makes mistakes. Life can get hectic, but not forget to breathe.  Continue reading “Patience.”

Happy New Year!

From Pipa and Bala

We’re alive!

Hello hello friends!

Sorry for not posting in such a long time. Our lives have been super busy and hectic these past couple of weeks, but here’s a post to give you guys a bit of an update. Continue reading “We’re alive!”

An eventful, but happy week. (Part 4)

Bala, back at it again with the late posts. Sorry…but thanks to all of you readers for waiting! I know it’s been a while, so feel free to catch up with Part 3 before you continue reading and finishing up the series! Without further ado, here is the finale to my eventful and happy week. Continue reading “An eventful, but happy week. (Part 4)”

An eventful, but happy week. (Part 3)

I had no intentions of having this ‘series’ go on to anything more than a Part 2, but look at me, about to continue the story in Part 3. Now, to make sure I don’t miss anything that belongs in this series, I might even need to extend it to a Part 4. Anyways, I think I stopped in the middle of our Sunday adventures, so here it goes. Continue reading “An eventful, but happy week. (Part 3)”