Life is always in flux. It never stops moving; it doesn’t take breaks. Even when you feel like taking a break or a breather, it can often feel like life continues to push you forward whether you like it or not. I think it’s important to be patient with yourself even if life is making you stumble as you struggle. Everyone is human, and everyone makes mistakes. Life can get hectic, but not forget to breathe. I have been in a constant struggle to keep up with life while striving to achieve my goals, whether it be my academic performance, my family relations, or my relationship with Pipa. The struggle exists for many reasons, and each factor plays its own part in the overall struggle. For example, I am extremely motivated and driven to achieve a happy and as-close-to-perfect relationship as possible with Pipa. Obviously, this is a very difficult and complex task that requires endless efforts and lots of time. At times, I just feel the urge to take more steps to help develop/improve our relationship; however, I am held back by the unyielding pace of life. My current situation simply doesn’t allow for certain parts of my goals to be achieved. In the end, the present time and where I am right now ultimately decides how I can go about my goals for our relationship. I have been, and still am, learning to be patient with myself.

Acceptance and appreciation for where I am right now and how far I’ve come from wherever I was years ago should be what drives me to keep trekking, even if the pace isn’t what I would like. As long as I keep trying my best, maybe in the future, I will better understand why life is taking me the way and direction that it is right now. Until then, I can just tell myself to take a deep breath, make use of the timing of life, and be patient.

– Bala


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