An eventful, but happy week. (Part 3)

I had no intentions of having this ‘series’ go on to anything more than a Part 2, but look at me, about to continue the story in Part 3. Now, to make sure I don’t miss anything that belongs in this series, I might even need to extend it to a Part 4. Anyways, I think I stopped in the middle of our Sunday adventures, so here it goes.

After being filled with food at Unicorn, the two of us really felt the need to walk off the food that we ate. We were about 20 minutes away from the well-known Seattle marketplace, Pike’s Place Market, so we decided to walk there to check it out. We thought that since it was near the end of the day, there wouldn’t be too many people there. However, when we actually got there, there was a still some small crowds of people wandering around the market. Unfortunately, some of the stands were being taken down for the day, and many of the market goodies were mostly sold out.

In the end, we checked out the remaining stands and areas of the market before we went to the Gum Wall. For those of you who don’t know, the Gum Wall is a very famous Seattle landmark that is literally what it’s called. It is a wall covered by hundreds, maybe thousands, pieces of used gum. I have no idea who started it or how it came about. All I know is at one point in the past few months, the wall was completely cleaned off due to sanitary reasons. Not surprisingly, when Pipa and I went, the wall was already almost back to its original state, with pieces of gum all over the wall.

We didn’t partake in the festivities of chewing gum and sticking the pieces on the wall, but we did take some nice selfies together in front of the wall before we left. At this point,the two of us were already fairly tired from walking around so much after a long meeting in the morning, so we started to head to the bus station to bus back to my apartment. Oh yes, of course, before we left, we also took some selfie-stick photos in front of the iconic Pike’s Place Market sign. No shame. (Okay, a little shame, but hey, at least we got some cute pictures.)

That’s basically the end to our Sunday. Pipa and I had both been to Pike’s Place before, so it wasn’t really new for either of us, but it was really nice enjoying the market with her. It was something we hadn’t done together before, so it still felt like something fresh and new. Also, I wouldn’t have even imagined going anywhere in Seattle with her until maybe 2017, so I think the disbelief factor gave it an extra bit of surreality.

Let’s continue with Monday. I unfortunately still had classes, so I ended up spending my entire morning and early afternoon at school while Pipa did some work things at my apartment. Finishing classes that day was a great feeling since the first person I saw when I got home was Pipa. Just the thought and feeling of “coming home to her” makes me very happy. What even happened the rest of my afternoon? Oh yes, I had to finish my homework. Man, that was not fun. All I wanted to do was go out and play with Pipa, but of course, one just has to have that work-life balance. In my case, school is work. Bleh.

I managed to finish all my homework before dinner, so Pipa and I decided on having a ‘date night’. There is a bougie plaza called University Village that is about a mile away from where I live, and they have quite a number of dinner choices there. We decided on an Italian restaurant that looked really nice on Yelp, and we headed out. Here is where the fail moment of the day happens.

I had never gone to University Village from my new apartment. (I had just moved in at the start of the school year.) Nor had I ever really gone to University Village by foot. In the past I would always bus since I used to live farther away and I might be a little lazy. I definitely knew where the plaza was located, but there is a bridge that connects the area I live in and the area U Vill is in. When Pipa and I started to walk to dinner, I thought I would be smart and didn’t go across on the bridge. Turns out, the only way to get from our side to U Vill’s side was over that bridge, and we ended up just taking an unexpected adventure uphill and downhill in the rain for an extra 15 minutes. Sorry Pipa.

In the end, we did manage to get to the restaurant and enjoy a really nice Italian dinner together. The food was actually incredibly savory and delicious, and it was so filling that we even ended up taking some leftovers back which eventually became my lunch/dinner after Pipa left. Even though we were stuffed, Pipa and I had already decided to get some ice cream from the Seattle-based Molly Moon’s. We shared a pretty sizable cup of their homemade mint ice cream and began our trek back home. The rain had stopped and our stomachs were filled with really tasty food, so we were both in a really good mood. Monday night basically ended with food coma.

And that is the end of Monday, the last full day that Pipa and I had together before she had to fly back to California. Just thinking about it now, even after it was over two weeks ago, makes me a little sad. The time had passed so fast, but even now, I am still so happy and grateful that I had any time to spend with her while I’m away from home. With that, I think I’ll end this post. I will finish and share the ending of our Seattle adventures in the next blog post, Part 4. Take care!


– Bala



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